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ISS-Above | The Complete Kit


VALUE: $202+ 

**Winner will receive payment and shipping details via email on 4/13**

With this ISS Above Kit, you can track the International Space Station in real time, all the time, from your own home. It includes the tracking software, a Raspberry Pi Model 3 in a transparent case with its own power supply, a PiGlow flashing RGB LED display that tells you when the ISS is near your location, A powe supply and a 3-D printed TV bracket.  

There is nothing like being able to see the views from the Space Station's external cameras and know that’s the same view astronauts have right now, there's no other "wow" like it.    

Plus, if you're the winning bidder, you can enjoy a 30 minute Zoom chat with Liam Kennedy - the inventor of ISS-Above!